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General terms and conditions of sale and conditions of Tipteh d.o.o.



The General Terms and Conditions (the “Conditions”) set forth herein shall apply exclusively to all sales and deliveries of subjects of the sale (the “Goods”) from Tipteh d.o.o. (the “Seller”). These terms together with the parties purchase agreement and Tipteh’s offer, order confirmation and invoice constitute the full agreement.

The Goods are all articles from the Seller’s list of sale products. The Goods are presented on the Seller’s website,, as well as on the websites of the Seller’s principals.

The Conditions are published on the Seller’s website, These Conditions are referred to in all Seller’s offers and pro forma invoices sent to the Purchaser, and they constitute an integral part of any special sales contract. The content of each individual contract must not be inconsistent with the adopted Conditions, and shall be inapplicable unless the Seller’s director has provided his prior written approval thereto.

Terms and conditions provided by the Purchaser that is in conflict with these Conditions, or amendments to these Conditions, shall not apply unless, in each individual case, they are accepted in writing by the Seller. For the avoidance of doubt; these Conditions shall apply exclusively even if the Seller performs delivery to the Purchaser without reservations, notwithstanding the Seller’s knowledge of conflicting terms and conditions of the Purchaser.

In case of an ongoing business relationship, the current version of the Conditions forms part of the agreement with the Purchaser regardless of the lack of a specific reference to the Conditions.


These Conditions shall apply to all inquiries and purchase orders placed by the Purchaser to the Seller, which comply with the professional rules and specifications. In case of the Purchaser’s special purchase order containing technical specifics, the Seller shall reserve the right to change the Conditions. Such changes will be specified and communicated to the Purchaser by the Seller prior to the contract conclusion.

An order is not binding for the Seller before the Purchaser has received a written or electronic order confirmation from the Seller.

Upon the Purchaser’s written order for the Goods, the Seller shall without undue delay confirm the order by a written order confirmation, with the stated commercial conditions and delivery time. The Seller may confirm the purchase order also in other cases in which the Seller deems it necessary and deliver the available Goods pursuant to these Conditions.

The Seller’s order confirmation shall be deemed to be the final sales conditions and Good’s price of the Seller for contract conclusion pursuant to these Conditions.

Confirmed orders cannot be put on hold or cancelled by the Purchaser without the Seller's written confirmation.

Should the order confirmation not be in compliance with the Purchaser’s order, the Purchaser must notify the Seller in writing within 3 days of receipt of the order confirmation. If the Purchaser fails to

provide such notification of non-compliance, the Purchaser loses the right to invoke the non-compliance. If the Purchaser notifies the Seller of the non-compliance, the Seller shall send the Purchaser a revised order confirmation.

The minimum order value per order for deliveries is 20 € (net value of Goods). Purchase orders with a lower order value can be executed, but a minimum quantity surcharge of 5 € plus VAT per order is charged to the Purchaser for order processing and delivery costs.


The contract between the Seller and the Purchaser is concluded upon the Seller’s confirmation of the Purchaser's order or the Seller’s written confirmation, specified in Clause 2 of these Conditions. If the ordered Goods are paid in advance by the Purchaser, the contract is deemed as concluded without a special order from the moment of the Purchaser’s transfer of the purchase price to the Seller. The Purchaser's order must be sent to the Seller's address by email, postal mail or fax.

If a special sales contract is concluded between the Purchaser and the Seller, it is considered valid upon signing by both parties.

In case of the Purchaser’s change of the placed purchase order or the withdrawal from the order or concluded contract, the Purchaser is obliged to reimburse the Seller for all actual expenses incurred related to the change or withdrawal, e.g. transport costs, working hours, administrative and other actual costs.

No Purchaser shall have any right to withdraw from the concluded contract for the custom-made Goods manufactured to a specific order or specification of the Purchaser. Custom-made Goods are the Goods that are manufactured or completed by the supplier only after the contract conclusion between the Purchaser and the Seller.

The Purchaser may return the Goods only in exceptional cases and by prior agreement with the Seller, but only if no more than 60 days have elapsed from the concluded contract and the Goods have not been custom-made for the Purchaser. A 30% of the full invoice value of the purchase order shall be charged by the Seller to the Purchaser for the returned Goods. All returned Goods must be in their original condition and packaging, i.e. undamaged and in still unopened packaging.

At the explicit request of the Purchaser, the Seller will provide the Purchaser with the installation, operation and maintenance manuals for the delivered Goods. These user manuals will be provided in the language of the supplier, unless required otherwise by law.


The prices stated in the Seller’s offers or pro forma invoices for the Purchaser, or in the subsequent confirmations of individual orders by the Seller, are final prices of the Goods. All prices quoted by the Seller in the sales contract are EX WORKS prices in EUR unless pre-agreed otherwise in writing.

The prices are set on the basis of the valid price list, or on the basis of the Seller’s purchase conditions. If the price list does not exist, prices are set according to the Seller's business policy and special agreements with the Purchaser. Additional costs such as shipment, insurance, customs duties and other duties imposed will be charged separately. Final prices shall be provided by the Seller to the Purchaser in a special offer or pro forma invoice.

If the purchase price is not specified in the offer, pro forma invoice or special sales contract, the final price shall be deemed to be the price of the Goods stated in the Seller's price list on the day of the contract conclusion.

The Seller reserves the right to adjust the prices for orders in the case of the changes in his price list. Such price adjustments will be made in writing to the Purchaser stating the cause of the adjustment.

The prices in the valid price list are wholesale prices.

The prices exclude value added tax (VAT).


The Purchaser shall pay the Seller’s invoice according to the terms of payment stated in the Seller’s sales invoice, order confirmation or as otherwise agreed. The Purchaser has no right to make deductions in the invoice or to exercise any right of retention, counterclaims or set offs against the invoice.

The Purchaser shall pay the Seller’s invoice in cash with a payment order to the Seller's business account. Non-cash payment is considered invalid, except with the prior agreement of the contracting parties or the legal recognition of the Purchaser’s counterclaims.

A payment shall be deemed as completed when the value dated purchase price has been transferred to the Seller’s account from the Purchaser’s bank.

In the event of a special payment deadline agreed by the parties, the Seller may request two blank bills of exchange from the Purchaser with the authorization to complete the bills of exchange, bank guarantee or documentary letter of credit.

The Purchaser agrees to assign his future receivables to third parties.

If the Purchaser is in default of payment, the statutory provisions apply and the Seller shall charge default interests to the Purchaser from the day on which payment was due.

In case of agreed instalment payments, any default from the Purchaser in fulfilling the payment terms shall cause the total outstanding amount to become due immediately without requiring any further notification. All debt collection charges including legal fees shall be at the expense of the Purchaser.

The Seller may hold back a delivery or parts thereof if the Seller in its sole opinion, suspects that the Purchaser may not be able to fulfil his payment obligations or other obligations. The Purchaser shall without delay be notified of such suspension of delivery and the reason therefore. The Seller shall resume delivery if the Purchaser provides adequate security for performance of his obligations. If the Purchaser does not provide adequate security for performance of his obligations, the Seller may terminate the contract and demand the payment of a contractual penalty from the Purchaser. The Seller is entitled to a refund of the unpaid Goods, compensation for the reduced value of the Goods to the use and the reimbursement of all Seller’s actual expenses incurred related to the termination, e.g. transport costs, working hours, administrative and other actual costs. The Seller is not obliged to reimburse the buyer for any damage that may have occurred to him.

In case notifications of defects or counterclaims are made, the Purchaser is only entitled to an offset if these counterclaims have been legally established as final and absolute or have been acknowledged by the Seller. Failure to provide documentation for the ordered Goods shall not enable deferral of Purchaser’s obligations.


The delivery period shall be agreed on an individual basis and specified by the Seller in the invoice, sales offer or order confirmation.

If the Purchaser does not explicitly request the complete delivery of Goods upon ordering, a partial delivery may be performed by the Seller to the Purchaser, which the Purchaser shall be obliged to accept.

The deliveries by the Seller to the Purchaser shall be EX WORKS at the Seller’s warehouse (designated in the order confirmation) whereby delivery shall be deemed made at the date when the Seller has notified the Purchaser that the Goods are ready for delivery and have been placed at the disposal of the Purchaser.

The risk for the Goods shall pass to the Purchaser at the time of delivery, even if the Seller agrees to perform additional services.

The Goods are delivered to the Purchaser in standard packaging of the Seller. The cost of packaging can be charged by the Seller to the Purchaser. At the explicit request of the Purchaser, different packaging shall be arranged by the Seller at the Purchaser’s expense.

In the case of a prior agreement with the Purchaser or at his own discretion and decision, the Seller may deliver the Goods to the Purchaser's address. In such case the transportation of the Goods shall be arranged by the Seller at the Purchaser’s risk and expense.

If the Purchaser anticipates the inability to take delivery of the Goods at the delivery date, he shall forthwith provide written notification for the Seller thereof, stating the reason and, if possible, a replacement delivery time. In the event of a failed delivery, the Purchaser shall nevertheless pay any part of the purchase price, which becomes due on delivery, as if delivery had taken place.

If the delivery of the Goods in an order in full will not be possible for the Seller, the Seller shall be entitled to perform partial delivery of the order, provided that the Purchaser is notified in advance of the partial delivery.


Should the Seller become aware that he will not be able to deliver the Goods at the agreed date of delivery the Seller shall forthwith provide a written notification for the Purchaser thereof. The notification shall include a description of all measures the Supplier considers appropriate to recover or limit the delay, if any, and a new delivery date.

In no event shall the Seller be responsible or liable for any failure or delay in the delivery arising out of or caused by, directly or indirectly, forces beyond Seller’s control (i.e. force majeure), including, strikes, work stoppages, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, civil or military disturbances, nuclear or natural catastrophes, and interruptions, loss or malfunctions of utilities, communications or computer (software and hardware) services; it being understood that the Seller shall use reasonable efforts which are consistent with accepted practices to resume performance as soon as practicable under the circumstances. He shall however notify the Purchaser in writing without delay, when the circumstance starts and when it ends. In such case the Seller is entitled to extend the delivery time accordingly or to cancel the agreement. Save as if the agreement is canceled, the parties is obligated to fulfil the agreement upon the cease of the force majeure event. Both parties are entitled to cancel the agreement if the force majeure event occurs for more than 3 months.

If force majeure prevents the Purchaser from fulfilling his obligations, he shall compensate the Seller for expenses incurred in securing and protecting the Goods.

If a delivery is delayed due to circumstances for which the Seller is liable, the Purchaser shall allow the Seller a reasonable additional period to fulfill the contractual obligations, which should not be less than 45 days. In the event of fulfillment of the Seller's obligations within this period, the Purchaser is not entitled to any compensation from the Seller.

In the event that the Purchaser does not collect the Goods at the agreed date of delivery, the Seller shall arrange for storage of the Goods at the risk and expense of the Purchaser. The Purchaser shall be liable for any costs arising from such delay, including the Seller’s costs relating to storage, insurance and handling of the Goods. If not agreed otherwise, the costs for storage shall be 1 % of the full invoice value of the purchase order, per commenced month. The Seller shall be entitled to resell the Goods ordered by the Purchaser in the event that the Purchaser does not collect the Goods within 1 month of the delivery date. The Seller shall, however, provide the Purchaser with 14 days advance notification of its decision to resell the Goods.


The Seller shall, in accordance with the provisions of Clause 7, remedy manufacturing and material defects in the Goods. The Seller’s warranty starts with the delivery of Goods or Loaner Return delivery and applies to the technically flawless functioning of the Goods. Written consumer product terms and conditions printed on the Goods warranty sheet, apply.

The Purchaser is obliged to inspect the Goods delivered by the Seller upon arrival and to ensure that the Goods are installed and/or used (a) in accordance with their intended purpose and application specifications, (b) within the specified operational envelope, (c) with power within specified range and (d) in professional and legal manner and in accordance with product data sheet, service manual and installation instructions provided.

Seller’s liability does specifically not cover: (a) Goods defects due to general incorrect or negligent storing or use of the Goods, (b) Goods defects due to exposure to extreme conditions, e.g. thunder, lightning, water ingress, fire, bad ventilation or other conditions beyond the control of the Seller, (c) Goods defects due to packaging at explicit request of the Purchaser covered under Clause 5, (d) parts that need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear, (e) failures due to compatibility issues between the products and the installation environment, (f) Goods that have been modified or repaired without the prior written approval of the Seller, (g) normal maintenance and repair work of the installed Goods.

The Supplier’s liability does not cover defects caused by circumstances, which arise after the risk has passed to the Purchaser.

The characteristics of the Goods are specified exclusively in the product datasheet provided by manufacturer. Public statements, recommendations or advertising of the manufacturer do not constitute contractually valid characteristics of the Goods.

The Purchaser shall notify the Supplier in writing of any defects in the Goods that have been detected upon arrival inspections, installation or use of the Goods, immediately, and no later than 3 days following the delivery of the Goods. Should the Purchaser fail to provide the Supplier with such notification, the Supplier shall be discharged of any liability for defects in the Goods that reasonably could have been detected by such inspections. For defects that reasonably could not have been detected by such inspections, the Purchaser shall notify the Supplier in writing of the defects as soon as the defect has appeared and in no event later than 3 days after the defect appeared. If the Purchaser fails to notify the Supplier in writing within the above time limits, he loses his right to make any claim in respect of the defect. The notice shall contain a description of how the defect manifests itself.

After receipt of a written notice of the defect from the Purchaser, the Seller must be given the opportunity to inspect the Goods and to rule on the alleged defect. Only after such inspection the Seller shall remedy the defect. The Seller shall be given 2 opportunities for the repair of the defect. If the repair fails, the Purchaser is entitled to request the replacement of the Goods from the Seller in reasonable time, which should not be less than 45 days. Any denial of the described procedures by the Purchaser shall discharge the Seller from his liability.

The Purchaser shall deliver the defective Goods to the Seller’s headquarters for repair or replacement. In such case the Seller has fulfilled his obligations in respect of the defect when he delivers duly repaired or replaced Goods to the Purchaser. If remedy of the defect requires intervention in other products and equipment than the defective Goods, the Purchaser shall be responsible for any work or costs caused thereby. The Purchaser must collect the repaired or replaced Goods at the Seller’s headquarters. In the case of replacement delivery, the Purchaser must return the defective Goods in accordance to the legal regulations.

Only in the event that the Seller can neither remove the lack nor replace the defective Goods in reasonable time frame, the Purchaser is entitled to reduced purchase price or withdrawal from the contract whereby the Seller shall credit the Purchaser for the payments that have already been made for the defective Goods (if any). In the case of the withdrawal from the contract, the Purchaser is not entitled to any additional compensation for the defect.

If the Purchaser gives the notice of defect to the Seller and no defect is found for which the Seller is liable, the Seller shall be entitled to compensation for the work and costs which he has incurred as a result of the notice.

In the event that the Seller's damage exceeds the contractually agreed compensation for the defective Goods, the Seller has the right to claim the excess value from the Purchaser according to the general rules of the Slovenian Obligations Code.


Except as expressly stated in Clause 7 above, the Seller's liability is limited to claims for damages caused by the Purchaser’s gross negligence or wilful misconduct.

The Seller’s liability is under any circumstance, limited to direct losses, whereby the Seller shall not be held liable for the Purchaser's indirect or consequential losses such as - but not limited to – loss of business, lost of profits, loss of goodwill or any other inidental loss.

The Seller shall, to the extent permitted by applicable law, have no liability for personal injuries or property damage caused by the Goods.


Ownership to and right of disposal of the Goods (hereunder the right of pledging or reselling the Goods) does not pass to the Purchaser until the Purchaser has fulfilled all his contractual obligations towards the Seller, hereunder payment of the entire purchase price for the Goods, including payment of any default interest costs. This also applies in the event of the Purchaser’s finishing, processing, installation or other change in the identity of the Goods. The Purchaser shall at the Seller’s request assist him in taking any measures necessary to protect the Seller’s title to the Goods in the country concerned.

In the event of the resale of the Goods before the fulfilment of the Purchaser’s contractual obligations towards the Seller, the Purchaser is obliged to inform the new buyer of the retention of title, otherwise the Purchaser is liable for damages arising from notification violation.

Cost recovery or seizure caused by the Purchaser's failure to fulfil his obligations shall be borne by the Purchaser. In the event of seizure or similar claims on the products by a third party in which the Seller's Goods appear, the Purchaser must immediately inform the third party of the existing retention of title clause.

The Purchaser shall not be entitled to use or resell the Products for any other purposes than what it is intended for.


The Purchaser is obliged to recognize and acknowledge the industrial rights (e.g., patents, trade-marks, models, samples,...) of the Seller and his principals in relation to the delivered Goods. The Purchaser must not alter, modify or process the Goods without the previous written consent of the Seller. The Purchaser must not remove or obscure the logos, simbols and marks on the delivered Goods.

All industrial property rights to photographs, drawings, components reflecting technical specifications and other documentation related to the Goods are the property of the Seller. The Purchaser is not allowed to convey any of the above to other parties or use it in any similar application without the written consent of the Seller.

Technical test reports, certificates, declarations or evidences for the ordered Goods are payable according to the Seller's price list. The buyer is obliged to explicitly request such documentation from the Seller when ordering the Goods, referring to an individual item of the order or batch. Without such requirement, the Seller is not obliged to deliver this documentation to the Purchaser.


The Seller reserves the right to change these Conditions in accordance with his business decisions.

All changes to the Conditions will be communicated by the Seller to existing buyers by email, at least 15 days before coming into force, and published on the Seller’s website ( However, such notice does not condition the validity of changes to the Conditions.


The Seller will use email, postal mail or telephone for communication with the Purchaser. The seller will inform the Purchaser about the business terms, offer, news, promotions, order status and other content related to their business relationship, resulting in the confirmation of these Conditions. The Purchaser will be offered to sign a consent form, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

Emails are divided into "system" and "advertising" emails. "System" messages are usually automated, they are sent when performing a certain activity, e.g., registration -> registration confirmation, order -> order confirmation. "Advertising" messages are intended for marketing or informing about news in the sales program, special offers/promotions and other promotions.

The Seller will protect the obtained Purchaser's personal data in accordance with applicable law. These data will be used only for the purposes of conducting a business relationship. The Seller will handle and store all information obtained during registration, orders and all communication in an appropriate manner.



The right to privacy is one of the most important human rights. Tipteh d.o.o., Ulica Ivana Roba 23, 1000 Ljubljana (“Tipteh”) respects its customers' privacy, therefore we handle all our customers’ personal data with due responsibility, care and in line with the rules and regulations applicable in the Republic of Slovenia and Tipteh's internal rules and bylaws. Only authorised personnel and contractual data processors have access to personal data and only in the scope and for the purpose necessary for ensuring smooth work processes, providing company’s services and fulfilling rights and obligations arising from agreements concluded with our customers.


Tipteh is one of the leading Slovenian industrial automation companies, successfully supplying and distributing state-of-the-art products and solutions from top industrial automation manufacturers for more than 20 years. They rightly entrusted us with the right to represent their equipment. According to our core activity, we are classified in the category of “Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods” under the ISIC classification.

We are devoted to support our valued customers in achieving their goals not only with a wide range of reliable automation products but also with trusted services. Customers can access these products in our warehouse at the Tipteh’s headquarters in Ljubljana. Products are also available from our subsidiaries in Croatia (Zagreb), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo), Serbia (Beograd) and Macedonia (Skopje). Our commitment to corporate social responsibilities is evident in our work environment as well as through our employee work ethics. We are committed for excellence in quality and customer support.

Customers are cordially invited to contact us us via phone or e-mail and we will be happy to provide them with any and all information they need. Also, customers are welcome to check the updated information for available products at our webpage,

In Tipteh, we are aware of the importance of personal data protection. Our customers are valuable to us and we understand their concern for privacy therefore we handle their personal data with due responsibility. We fully comply with our commitments to lawful, fair and transparent personal data processing. By applying appropriate security measures we prevent unauthorised persons to access personal data, we preserve confidentiality and integrity of personal data and prevent personal data from being lost or accidentally destroyed during processing.


XIV.III.I Data for the contract fulfillment

Tipteh processes its customers' personal data in the scope and for the purpose of fulfilling agreements, i. e. industrial automation equipment supply agreements. Based on legal bases stipulated in agreements, personal data may also be processed, in the scope required, for the purpose of entering into an agreement, in the negotiation process, after receiving an individual’s offer or demand. In case services are provided online, the company guarantees all the necessary technological and organisational solutions to ensure complete security. The data is encrypted and transferred to Tipteh’s server in a protected form. The system thus prevents a third party to intercept the personal data that a customer sends to Tipteh online.

XIV.III.II Data with the potential for company offer

Tipteh collects and process company and personal data in order to form an idea of the potential of individual product groups in our offer and in order to plan and improve the products and services in our offer available to customers.

XIV.III.III Data for smooth company operation

Tipteh collects and process customer's personal data, especially on their function in the company, the customer's interests and the potential of individual product groups of our offer. We also store and process data with details related to the customer: about the business visits site, calls, opportunities, projects, employee tasks, received emails, complaints and data on marketing campaigns in which a particular customer was involved. This data is recorded in order to ensure the smooth operation of Tipteh, to establish a uniform record of customer-related activities, and to allow for the adjustment of offers to the customer.

XIV.III.IV Data for handling campaign performance and optimization

Tipteh collects and processes personal data of customers who have signed up to receive electronic news, industrial automation equipment, customized offers on automation equipment and direct e-mails for automation equipment. For the mass distribution of e-mails, Mailchimp’s services are used, storing: name, surname, e-mail address, and IP address of the customer, and based on the email traffic, the details of activities related to the email notifications sent to the customer. The data is processed by Tipteh in order to follow our electronic notification and campaign performance, and to optimize the content of our future electronic notifications, the experience of our notification recipients, and to adjust our offers according to the content on our website.

XIV.III.V Data for recording customer's activity

Tipteh collects and processes personal data of customers submitting a website inquiry form. Our website inquiry form is provided by the WordPress plugin - Contact Form 7. The data entrusted to us via the inquiry form are shared with the WordPress. If you submit a request for automation equipment offer or for information on price, availability or other information related to offer, your request will be considered as an offer request and we will store your data in accordance with the applicable legislation. This data is recorded in order to ensure the smooth operation of Tipteh, to establish a uniform record of customer-related activities, and to allow for the adjustment of our offers. In the event that the topic of the request is not related to the offer, your data will be kept for 2 months to allow us to fully meet your requirements and respond to your request.

XIV.III.VI Anonymised data for optimizing business decisions

Tipteh collects and processes personal data for optimizing its business decisions and for statistical processing of data intended for reporting (only anonymised data is included in the reports). Based on its legal interest, Tipteh processes personal data for the purpose of diminishing the risk of web site hacking (by ensuring information security, diminishing risk of unauthorised access to important business information, personal data and information system).

XIV.III.VII Consent to the processing of personal data

In some cases, Tipteh asks its customers and other individuals for a special consent to the processing of their personal aspects, in particular to analyze their interests and behavior (i.e., profiling) for the purpose of creating personalized offers of our goods and services for meeting a customer's business needs. Data processing is dedicated also to more effective customer notifications and direct marketing as well as conducting marketing research. In these cases, the personal data processing is carried out on the basis of the consent until revocation.

XIV.III.VIII Data on the visits to the website

Tipteh collects personal data to record visits to its web site by using cookie identifiers so it can enhance the functionality of the website and customer experience, strengthen security, ensure uninterrupted functioning of the website and online services, and monitor the number of visitors to the web site and to online services. Tipteh uses the following cookies:

  • Key cookies

They represent web cookies without which web sites or online services will not function properly. Cookies are created when an individual files a form, registers or otherwise interacts with the web site by clicking on simple links.

  • Cookies for monitoring the effectiveness of the website

They are used for analysing visits to the web site or online services in order to enhance customer experience. An individual may accept cookies by clicking on a button at the web site or by continuing active browsing after having received a cookie notification.

  • Cookies of partner services

They comprise cookies of partner services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google etc. If a customer refuses to accept these cookies, they will not be placed, however this can make certain attractive web site functionalities unavailable.


In exceptional cases Tipteh (its employees) may, with your consent and in accordance with the purpose of the processing, transfer some of your personal data to third parties and countries. Such exceptional cases are benefits to the customer e.g., claiming a warranty.

In case your personal data is transferred to third countries or organisations or companies having their headquarters outside EU, i.e. in the countries not governed by laws protecting the right to personal data protection, as it is the case in the European Union or Slovenia, Tipteh will take and implement appropriate measures to protect your personal data so that fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals be respected in line with the applicable national and EU rules and regulations.


By submitting a written request to Tipteh d.o.o. Ljubljana, Ulica Ivana Roba 23, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, or with the caption “Exercising rights under the GDPR” an individual may ask for access, update, correction, blocking of or restriction of processing of or deletion of their personal data, object to their personal data processing and ask for a transfer of their data.

By submitting a written request to Tipteh d.o.o. Ljubljana, Ulica Ivana Roba 23, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, or you may at any time revoke your consent to the processing of your data, permanently or temporarily, in whole or in part.

An individual has the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia if they believe their personal data is stored or otherwise processed contrary to applicable rules and regulations on personal data protection.


Tipteh will process personal data in the scope necessary for accomplishing the purposes of data processing and until it is necessary for achieving the set goals of processing; where processing is based on consent, personal data will be processed until withdrawal of consent.

Tipteh will process personal data until the purpose of processing is achieved or taking into account limitation periods set for fulfilment of obligations that could arise from personal data processing, particularly when personal data processing is necessary to conduct or implement an agreement, with the exception of cases where storage periods of personal data are stipulated by law. In these latter cases, Tipteh will store data in line with legal obligations.


By using, the Purchaser accepts that the Seller is using cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the Purchaser’s computer in order to keep track on the Purchaser’s actions on the webpage and in order to recognize the computer. A cookie is not a program and it is does not contain any viruses.


Any misunderstandings arising from the concluded contract, the parties will try to resolve amicably.

Any disputes arising directly or indirectly from the contractual relationships between the parties shall be governed by Slovenian Law and the parties submit to the Slovenian court with the Labour and Social Court of Ljubljana as exclusive legal venue. The Seller may, however, at its sole discretion institute legal proceedings against the Purchaser at any other applicable legal venue.


In the event that individual terms and conditions of the adopted Conditions cannot be applied for any reason or that they are not valid for any reason, the validity of the remaining terms and conditions of the Conditions remains undisputed.

Ljubljana, 25.5.2018

Damijan Jager

CEO of Tipteh d.o.o.