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Products from category Sensors


Sensors from leading companies Turck and Leuze Electronic

Sensors can help you detect events or changes in their environment and send this information to other electronics. In all industrial applications sensors are key enablers of process automation. In analog or digital signals, they will provide you with important information on positions, currents, flow rates, temperatures, distances, angles and much more.

Sensors from pioneers of modern sensor technology

Choose the right sensor for your application from more than 10,000 different sensors from companies Turck and Leuze Electronic. We offer a wide range of products with binar, analog and IO link outputs. Choose from Optical, Proximity, Position, Process, Switching to Measuring Sensors, High Precision measuring Sensors, Special Sensors. Sensors for safety at work and ATEX approved Sensors.

Optical sensor converts light, or a change in light, into an electronic signal. Proximity sensors detect the presence of near objects without physical contact. Position sensor measures the absolute or relative position of the detected object and can measure the object's location or displacement. Process sensors register and monitor data in applications, which involve liquids and gases. High Precision measuring sensors are intended for applications with high accuracy. Group of Special sensors consists of Color, Contrast, Luminescence, Double sheet / splice, and Edge detector sensors. We also offer a wide range of Sensor accessories.

Dividing the sensors based on their working principle we offer Inductive, Photoelectric, Capacitive, Magnetic and Ultrasonic Sensors. We also offer Radar, Inclination, Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level and Linear Position Sensors. And we can't forget 3D Sensors, Light curtains, Forked sensors, Fiber optic sensor and Encoders.

Choose the right sensor, perfectly suited to the needs of your application.