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Products from category Machine vision

Machine vision

Machine vision equipment from leading manufacturer Leuze Electronic

Machine vision will allow you to process images in your applications. This will enable you to automatically monitor processes and increase the reliability and availability of your systems. The key role play machine vision cameras, which enable automated, high speed extraction of limited, but crucial information from huge quantities of data. These cameras help you capture images, store, process, analyze and archive this data with the appropriate software. The analysis will provide the information you require to optimize your process.

Wide range of machine vision equipment for better process quality

In our portfolio you will find Light Section Sensors. They will help you quickly and reliably detect objects with high resolution using their 3D form. These sensors detect solely by illuminating the object with the laser measurement beam, integrated in the sensor.

High-performance Smart cameras will enable you to develop identification and production process monitoring quickly and at low cost. Use them to assure quality, detect objects, determine their position, measure their dimensions, read 1D-/2D codes and compare them with a reference code (no matter the direction), test for presence, completeness and much more.

With the use of Industrial IP cameras you will gain insights into areas, which were previously inaccessible to plant operators. You will prevent possible collisions and simplify troubleshooting in case of failures. Their robust, industrial design enables you the use in harsh environments. These cameras will deliver live streams at high image quality through popular interfaces, so you can easily integrate them into the system.

Choose the right machine vision equipment and increase process quality.

Machine vision