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Products from category Industrial networking equipment

Industrial networking equipment

Industrial network equipment from the renown manufacturers Hirschmann, Secomea, Turck and Leuze

Industrial network equipment allows you to transfer data from your devices and enable communication between them. You establish efficient and remote control of processes, without being restricted to one location. The industry space evolved from “Industrial Ethernet” to “Machine-to-machine” (M2M), “Internet of things” (IoT) and “Industrial Internet of things” (IIoT).  

The adoption of EtherNet/IP for control and information in processes enabled the convergence of industrial and enterprise networks across your enterprise. IoT and IIot platforms connect your hardware to the cloud with various connectivity options, establish enterprise-grade security mechanisms, and provide broad data processing powers to analyze your data. This allows you to easily implement monitoring and remote services, accessable from anywhere, for manageable costs.

Choose the industrial network equipment you need and establish control

Select the most suitable product to connect all of your processes and get the most out of your industrial network architecture. Industrial Ethernet switches and routers feature industrial-grade reliability, network redundancy, strengthened security, easy management, and competitive price-to-performance ratios. Our comprehensive portfolio includes: unmanaged switches, managed switches, PoE switches, and rackmount switches. Industrial Network security systems are firewall solutions uniquely designed and certified to protect your assets.

Fiber optic fieldbus repeaters and modems transmit data over several miles/kilometers, while fieldbus connects field instruments and measurement with control devices via serial, two-way communication systems, enabling real-time distributed control. IoT and IIoT platforms are the multi-layer leading technologies that enable straightforward provisioning, management, and automation of connected devices within the IoT universe. They will help you boost efficiency, productivity, employee safety and much more.

Industrial networking equipment