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Products from category Other automation devices

Other automation devices

Other automation devices from Auer Signal, Benedict, Escha, Leuze Electronic, Turck

Other automation devices in addition to the main elements, play a key role in the reliable operation of automation equipment. Therefore, we offer a large selection of automation accessories of world-renowned manufacturers in the field of connectors, cables, power supplies, signaling equipment, joysticks, control stations, braking resistors and industrial LED lights.

Other automation devices to allign the process with your needs

We offer a huge range of accessories for every part of your automation process. You will find single- and double-ended cables, sensor, pneumatic, communication and power cables, suitable for all applications. We offer quality and reliable cables and interconnects, which can withstand long life cycles and are able to operate in harsh demanding environments, and provide safe high-speed information and communication services. Our automation accessories equipment also includes quality connectors, which will enable you easy visual identification, rapid and safe assembly and installation with simple or no tooling. This group of products includes I/O-junctions, panel connectors, pneumatic & hydraulic connectors, power supply connectors, sensor connectors and Y connector splitters.

An important part of automation accessories for higher safety and success in your projects are visual & audible signalling devices. You can choose from visual/audible devices, visual/audible devices for ATEX, visual signalling devices, audible signalling devices, signal lights, signal towers and telephones. Our portfolio of industrial automation accessories also includes power supplies, a broad range of contactors, accessories for contactors and contactor sets.

Choose among more then 10000 accessories and develop the perfect application.

Other automation devices