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Products from category Machine safety equipment

Machine safety equipment

Machine safety equipment from leading manufacturer Leuze Electronic

Machine safety equipment will help you prevent damage, injuries and material loss to your systems, machines and the workers. To meet high safety demands we offer only high-quality equipment from Leuze Electronic. Their safety products and systems feature highest level certification and their advanced safety functions will help you to achieve the desired level of safety.

Machine safety equipment for applications without hazards

You can choose from a wide range of products to perfectly suite your needs. In our portfolio you will find Safety Light Curtains, which protect workers and machines from injuries or damage by creating a sensing screen that guards machine access points and perimeters. Safety Laser Scanners will enable you to safeguard vehicles and machinery.

Monitor protective doors or positions dimensionally accurately with Safety Switches with a wide range of functions and designs. Emergency Stop and Stop Controls allow your workers to stop a device in an emergency with a push of a button or with a pull of a rope. Two-Hand Controls provide higher level of protection as they require workers to use both hands to operate the machine.

You can lower installation, wiring and connection costs with AS-Interface (AS-i). They can be easilly retrofitted to existing system - additionally reducing installation costs. You can choose IP67 block Safety I/O Modules to develop safety-related applications, which use safe digital inputs and universal digital channels as inputs or outputs.

Programable Safety Controllers and Safety Relays will provide you an easy-to-use interface between a safety device and the machine so you can develop reliable safety solutions.

These are just a few product groups which allow you to develop the perfect machine safety solution.

Machine safety equipment