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Products from category PLC controllers and peripherals

PLC controllers and peripherals

PLC controllers and accessories from renown companies Unitronics and Turck

PLC - Programmable Logic Controller is the key component behind modern applications. PLC controllers use the programmed logic to control your devices and processes. With PLCs you can reduce wiring costs, ease control system changes, reduce required space and increase reliability, expandability and computing capabilities. Their rugged design will withstand vibrations, temperature, humidity and noise so you can use them in harsh environments. With a wide range of expansion modules you can easily expand the performance of your controller.

Choose from a vast range of PLC controllers to match your requirements

We offer PLC with built-in HMI from Unitronics: UniStream series for High-End Machines & Automation projects, Vision series for Advanced Machines & Automation projects, Samba series for Small Machines and Jazz series for Simple Machines. In addition, Modular, Built-in, Local and Remote I/Os are available within controller Expansion Module offer.

Turck will provide you with programmable HMI controls, an ideal solution for small to medium-sized machines, where you must control, operate and observe processes locally. They feature quality color displays, resistive touch, and a modern processor. Turck also provides modular fieldbus and remote I/O systems, which offer a wide range of solutions for process automation. They feature interfaces for fieldbus protocols PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP and PROFINET. You can also find their excom I/O-systems for Ex and non-Ex areas.

Select the right PLC and ensure reliable operation of your application, without the risk of collapse.

PLC controllers and peripherals