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Switches from Benedict - leading producer of Low Voltage Switch gear with more than 100 years of tradition

Switches in our portfolio come from Benedict - a market leader in Capacitor Switching Contactors. You can rely on the quality of their product due to their over 100 years long experience.

Wide range of switches from market leading manufacturer

Cam switches can be used for all purposes. They can be implemented in thermal current ratings Ith 10A up to 1.200A. They feature a compact design, aluminium drive shafts and abrasion-proof laser markings on terminals.

Use Main switches and Disconnect Switches where you need high safety and current carrying capacity. Their compact designs and box terminals for large cable cross-sections will help you create versatile applications. They feature operational power ratings with up to 160A, multi-lock handles for security and self-cleaning aux. contacts, which are suitable for electronic circuits.

Other product groups

You can find motor protection Circuit Breakers in 4 sizes with a short-circuit breaking capacity of up to 100kA. Their tripping rated current range from 0,16A to up to 100A. They can be supplied with connected contactors and used as fuseless motor feeders. Use special adaptors to achieve desired electrical and mechanical connection between circuit breakers and contactors.

Manual Motor Starters will protect your electrical motors against thermal overload, short circuits and phase failures. They feature a setting range from 0.16 to up to 32A, with Overload- and instantaneous Short-Circuit Release and Short-circuit breaking capacity up to 100Ka. They come with switch position indicator, protection from automatic restart and Under Voltage Release.   

Modular design of Push buttons will enable you time and cost savings. You can achieve high contact reliability thanks to their self-cleaning auxiliary contacts suitable for electronic circuits. They also feature up to IP67 protection degree, laser marking, you can fit up to 9 contact blocks on one connector, ...

Select amoung more then 1700 switches and find the perfectly one for your application.