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Products from category Identification and logistics equipment

Identification and logistics equipment

Identification and logistics equipment from manufacturers Leuze Electronic and Turck

Identification and logistics equipment enable you to identify products in production and enable logistics traceability. Once products have a standard coding system, you need data capture devices and specialized software to read the data stored in the code. Appropriate equiptment enable you fast and reliable identification of your products, semi-finished products or raw materials and is crucial for an efficient production and logistics.

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Our portfolio features a vast range of identification and logistics equipment, which will increase the accuracy and efficiency of your production and logistics processes. Our barcode readers and scanners include mobile hand-held readers, models with wireless transmission, combi devices and highly accurate stationary barcode readers, which can handle 2D-codes and RFID. RFID readers and scanners enable you to read and write features from and onto RFID tags, even in rough conditions or through nontransparent media. You can scan multiple tags at once and save time and reduce costs.

Cost effective, high performance »Smart« cameras include 2D code reading and advanced vision performance. They offer high resolution, fast presence checking and simultaneous multiple bar- or 2D-code reading. Optical positioning solutions enables you to accurate measure distance at several hundred meters. Optical data transmission enables you a wear free connection over ProfiBUS, DeviceNET or Ethernet protocol, immune to electro-magnetic interference.

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Identification and logistics equipment