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Products from category EX Equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres

EX Equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres

Ex Equipment from the leading manufacturers such as Turck, Leuze Electronics and Auer Signal

Ex equipment is required if your application is in a locations, where your workers are facing fire or explosion hazards due to flammable, combustible or ignitable substances present in the air. In such applications the European ATEX directive demands that you to install specially designed and tested explosion proof electrical equipment, i.e. EX equipment. Ex certified products meets the demnads of the ATEX directive, which perscribes the minimum safety requirements of the workplace and equipment for working in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Huge range of top-quality Ex equipment from leading experts

Intrinsically Safe (IS) Sensors and Accessories are designed according to the principle that the electrical energy in hazardous-area circuits is restricted such that eventual electrical spark or hot spot are not strong enough to cause ignition. This is achieved by inserting an energy-limiting interface in the wiring between safe and hazardous areas.

Explosion proof signaling devices consist of Ex proof visual and audible equipment, i.e. LED beacons, Xenon strobes, horns and sounders, suitable for hazardous areas. Ex isolating switching amplifiers (Ex barriers) transmit switching operations from an intrinsically safe control circuit to a non-intrinsically safe active current circuit, protecting electrical circuits with analog input or output located in potentially hazardous area. Our ATEX-certified fieldbus product portfolio includes I/O modules (IP67 & IP20) and I/O systems for applications in the Ex area, which will allow you to easily expand the communicatio while reducing wiring costs and increasing the reliability and transparency of system management in an explosive environment.

Leverage our huge product range and develop safe applications in EX cones.

EX Equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres